Malicious prosecution of innocent man by Santa Clara County District Attorney

Corruption in Santa Clara County. California.

Corruption in Santa Clara County, California has reached epidemic proportions and had deeply saturated the Court system and many county offices and agencies such the County Counsel, County Executive, District Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies.


Now it seams officials are trying to silence the voice of Rev. Cary-Andrew Crittenden, one of the Bay Area’s leading community activists, a proponent of government integrity accountability and a widely known advocate for peace and justice who has dedicated much of his ministry to assisting victims of elder abuse and child abuse, and has constantly spoken out against violence, harassment and bullying.


Similar to what happened to Richard I. Fine years ago when he exposed a corrupt Judge David Yaffe, Cary-Andrew Crittenden reported a felony and dishonest judge. Santa Clara County CA failed to uphold the rights of a mentally disabled Heidi Yauman.


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A whistle…

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