Backs up EVERYTHING Rod Class says – The records speak for themselves

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RTR Truth Media ~ Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam commented on Rod Class Exposes State Governments are franchise branches of federal corporation posing as government of the American People.

Steve… What a novel suggestion? People helping people just to do the right thing. Marvelous. You may find such a group …

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All of my research, and that of my partner in research Bruce Ray Riggs, backs up EVERYTHING Rod Class says ……..and we can show how, when, and who. At our website Click on our Thesis. It will explain how they did it……they began paving the way in the early 1800’s, and then again right after the Civil War acting upon the authority of General Orders 100, they implemented an Amendment by FORCE…….the 14th. And it is THAT unlawful jurisdiction that enabled the War Powers…

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