in peace, brother thomas

Just as we thought, most likely a rothschild agent.

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Giftoftruthcommented onKevin Annett vs. Russell Means, Leonard Peltier, and Me — Or What’s Real – by Anna von Reitz

Christmas Day, 2014 Over the course of the past two years I have had many, many people come to me wanting to accost me and …

Hi, i was personally on the receiving end of K.A. and delved deep into the activities of this man;

  • Firstly, what exactly did he expose that we did not already know?
  • Secondly, the Mohawk Nation would have received 15 billion in compensation had he not PURPOSEFULLY tampered with the evidence;
  • Thirdly, if it was not for his creating the illusion that the pope and queen are imminently being arrested then maybe somebody else would have done so already!!!

He has basically delayed the process by years; He used people’s misery to foment his own agenda; that is seriously psychotic behaviour in my books…

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