The Travis Allen Affair – District 72 – California

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The Travis Allen Affair – District 72 – California

Travis Allen, Obviously a man well recognized by the media and local leadership who support his actions,  policies and behavior.
Travis Allen: The Assembly Legislator of the Year Award!

A man who, by all reasonable accounts, is always for the people. Well… That is… until you actually call on him to perform the work of the people…to honor his oath. But more on this below:

Mr. Travis Allen, elected to serve the American people of District 72, California, is a perfect example of one of those conservative candidates elevated to public service on the idea that new blood would cure the ills of a hopelessly corrupt state government.  Serving in just his second term, one might expect such a fine young representative of the people to act in a manner, consistent with the principles of the founders.

Hold on to that…

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