Children’s Bodies Believed Buried under Benjamin Franklin’s Home in Litchfield, Connecticut


BenFranklinDuplessisElite Jewish owners of a home previously owned by Benjamin Franklin believe he most likely used the home solely for satanic rituals involving the sexual abuse and murder of children.

In the early seventies, the owners of the home in Litchfield, Connecticut, a Jewish Harvard professor and his family, unearthed evidence within the home showing it was once owned by Benjamin Franklin.

It is common knowledge amongst elites, I’m told, that Benjamin Franklin, a Jew, was a Masonic satanic pedophile who liked to sexually abuse and sacrifice young children, mostly Aryan boys, then dismember and dispose of their remains by burying them under his house, as was discovered in 1998, where children’s remains were unearthed under Franklin’s England home.

In 1972, my family and I moved from Seattle to Litchfield, Connecticut where my father, transferring from the University of Washington, completed the final year of his medical internship at…

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