EXCLUSIVE: The VA scandal you’re not hearing about: the disarmament of America’s veterans

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Liberty Change Exclusive Interview

Recently, Liberty Change was given an opportunity to interview longtime civil rights attorney and founder of United States Justice Foundation (USJF), Michael Connelly. The USJF is a nonprofit public interest, legal action organization dedicated to instruct, inform and educate the public on, and to litigate, significant legal issues confronting America (www.usjf.net). Connelly made headlines two years ago when he published scanned letters sent from the VA to veterans declaring them mentally incompetent, and as a result, denying them of their right to own firearms, all without due process. Even though Connelly provided the scanned documents, which can be seen below, the story was attacked by conspiracy theorists and government apologists alike who claimed that no such incident could have occurred and that it was beyond the VA’s capabilities to unilaterally strip veterans of their 2nd Amendment rights without fair trial. Of…

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