The Unexpected INCREDIBLY DELIGHTFUL Fruits of our efforts…

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Permit me the brief luxury to demonstrate how performing the work of the creator yields its many unexpected rewards…

A short time ago, today as a matter of fact, April 6, 2015, i was blessed with a call from one of the many people with whom I am honored to directly interact.  He had called inquiring about Judge Anna.

It seems a freind of his attempted to confirm her status as a judge in Alaska.  I found that amusing as so many folks have a difficult time realizing their authority as a sovereign American.  Of course the call made to verify Judge Anna’s position was made to a member of the corporate organization impersonating the government of the people of Alaska and Judge Anna was unknown to them.

Surprise…Surprise…Judge Anna is a judge in the de jure.

Knowledgeable people already know, that like California, Arizona and Alaska…as well as all…

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