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  • The UNITED STATES INC does not violate the law by using the people’s property as collateral for loans and to back is fiat paper money substitutes because it provides the sovereign citizens of America with a lawful REMEDY for the recovery of what is due them as accrued interest on its use and risk of their assets and wealth so that United States INC can legally hypothecate and re-hypothecate the private assets and wealth of the people of the United States to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK to back its fiat currency and debt obligations, with the people’s credit, material substance, and implied consent.
  • The authority for this REMEDY is found in Public Insurance Policy Bond HJR-192 of 1933, Public Law 73-10.
  • All fiat currency of the UNITED STATES INC since 1933, represents prepaid CREDIT backed by the real property, wealth, assets, and future labor of the sovereign people of America that…

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