It’s Only A Game

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All systems of belief are a series of events characterized first by the birth of a good idea. This idea gradually develops into dogma architectured by other humans, and finally ends up carved into the rock of “our-rules-you-must-adhere-to-or-else,” by still more humans.

>The original concept came from a human just like you and me. He simply had a revolutionary idea about how the world could work and shared his idea with other people. Those people then took his idea and ran with it and eventually developed it into the “Rules Carved into Rock” because most people aren’t convinced of the great value of their own ideas. They cling to the same rock others are grasping for, the Rock of absolute Truth.’

>Absolutes make people feel safe. Absolutes, to the believer, can’t be argued with, challenged or changed. Wars are fought over which absolute Truth is the correct one. The debate…

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