National, Debt-Free Money

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There is no reason for us to put up with recession, depression, and unemployment.

By using 2006 statistics, we can see that the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) came to about $14 trillion dollars, while the total income of the nation came to only about $10 trillion dollars, and at least 10% of that income was reinvested income rather than income spent on goods and services.

The total available purchasing power of the nation was only about $10 trillion dollars, or about $4 trillion dollars less than the total collective price of goods and services.

Where did consumers get the extra $4 trillion dollars? They had to borrow it from the banks that created it out of nothing with simple accounting entries on their books.

If the government were to replace this bank-created-out-of-nothing money with national, debt-free money, instead, the total money supply would remain unchanged and a whopping $4…

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