Michigan Supreme Court Takes Over Legislative and Executive Branches Without Opposition

visner 4 sheriff

The Michigan Supreme Court (our judicial branch of government) has taken over the duties (through usurpation) of the Michigan Legislative branch of government, effectively merging these two separate branches of government into a single entity in violation of the separation of powers provisions of the state and federal constitutions. Treason. Additionally, both the legislative branch and the executive branch of our Michigan government is aware of the takeover by the judiciary and is complicate.

michigan supreme court_002

Although this can be seen and proven in many different ways, I will show you just a couple here in this article that are very obvious and easy to demonstrate.

The Michigan Supreme Court is basically in charge of the “Michigan Court Rules”. These “rules” were initially established to create uniformity in all Michigan courts and were originally called “Administrative Court Procedures”. The Administrative Court Procedures were to establish a level playing field for the…

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