Milt Comments on the BLM

May the nazis rot in hell.

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Mlt Farrow commented on Attention Impostors: the “Judge” gets 28 years; How much will you get?

On Apr 10, 2015, at 1:11 PM, Steve Curry <> wrote: From: Steve Curry <>To: …

I believe that the Bundy Ranch affair was “the firs shot of the American Revolution” The BLM was surprised that Americans rallied to the cause of liberty and freedom-Obama and the Feds knew if he called in Heavy firepower, The revolution would have caught fire and spread

It was a Beta test that again backfired on Washington and it’s Pirates.( Pirates is an insult to legitimate piracy. At least we knew who these brigands were, they were dressed for the occasion, and they announced themselves. These “Scumbags” come to us with the sanctity

of his holiness the Pope with “Come surrender your Liberty and live in a FEMA Roach Hotel

and we will save…

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