Florida Citizens abandon Honor and Justice? Week 33 – Report – Corrupt Judges and Prosecutors acting in Fraud?

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Week 33 – Report

There are approximately 370,000 to 400,000 franchise employees impersonating lawful federal and state government workers identified as criminals. All are employed by the Washington DC franchise posing as the lawful government of the lawful inhabitants of of the Continental united States and Florida.

Considering there are about 20,000,000 people living in Florida, that is one crook to about 56 Floridians. So the question must be asked why 56 Floridians to each possibly armed criminal, is tolerated?

Excuse me… But what a pathetic commentary on the ethics, morality, and civic responsibility to support the rule of law by the people of Florida!

Is it possible… That even  a representative number of the 20 million people, can ignore such a blatant abuse of civil rights of a man doing his lawful job? How can the people of Florida just stand by and permit these open and shut cases…

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