Catholic Archbishop Directs all court operations in Denver – What about in your Diocese…?

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List of the Catholic dioceses of the United States
The Catholic Archbishop is the Director for all court operations in Denver. Please give him a call and tell him to straighten this mess out!

Office of the Archbishop

The staff of the Office of the Archbishop helps oversee the daily operations of the Archdiocese on behalf of the Archbishop. They also assist the Archbishop with the various ministries, pastoral activities and apostolic works he guides.

The staff includes: the Vicar General/Moderator of the Curia, who directs the operations of the archdiocesan curia and chairs the Committee of Vicars and Directors (COVAD); the Secretary to the Archbishop; and the Chancellor, who oversees special projects and planning as assigned, and serves as senior counselor to the Archbishop.



Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

Moderator of the Curia
Very. Rev. Randy Dollins, V.G.

Secretary to the Archbishop


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