Impostor Exposed: Kidnapped American ordered released! Private Court operation publicly exposed.

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On May 8, 2015, at 10:47 AM, Steve Curry <> wrote:

I have been informed, this morning, that Judge Alfred Conway Harrell, Esquire, presiding over the hearing of Stephen J. Nalty, announced to, and on, the record, that, being a private business, he had NO jurisdiction to dismiss the case against Stephen.

This Honorable court would like to thank Mr. Harrell for his honesty, and for his admission, to having NO jurisdiction to, either, hear this case, or to adjudicate upon the material evidence, or the relevant laws pertaining to this case.

Mr. Harrell’s lack of jurisdiction is NO different from Magistrate Carey’s jurisdiction to have detained, kidnapped, wrongfully incarcerated, and wrongfully imprisoned Stephen J. Nalty.

With NO jurisdiction, power, or authority, the case against Stephen J. Nalty is, hereby, dismissed, with extreme prejudice, as Stephen had motioned the court during this morning’s hearing, and the earlier hearing before Magistrate…

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