Hello Out there. Your attention please. Impostor Public Servants operating Oregon as an obama franchise.

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On Jun 11, 2015, at 12:55 PM, Ron Vrooman <ronvrooman38@gmail.com> wrote:

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Good Afternoon,

I see that you have appointed an in house oversight committee for Administrative law judges. Why are there no people representing “we the people” on the oversight committee? Why aren’t the judicial judges under oversight.

The judicial branch with the blessing of the AG is denying me (therefore others) my constitutional rights for a speedy trial. They do this by systematically ignoring ORS1.050. I is the only hope for an Oregonian accused of a criminal act of getting their constitutional rights. It took 160+ days to be found not guilty. The law says 90 days or the judges don’t get paid.

The WACo. circuit court also refuses to use ORS1.025. The accused cannot even act upon unlawful acts or inaction by the court and its officers. They reserve…

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