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Here is what it means…

This is a very serious matter of deliberate misrepresentation —

Make no mistake about this…

This is a crime!

A violation of the law…

This is NOT a matter of Politics!

  • The lawful seats of the government of the people are vacant!
  • There is no lawful government…only impostors!

Impostors…Impersonating the lawful public servants. This too on its own is a serious crime.

Giving the impostors the benefit of the doubt that they are unaware of the criminal fraud in which they are participating, we publicly inform them of the situation.  Once addressed the impostors are then obligated to fix this problem.  failure to do so would be a violation of their oath of office and their fiduciary responsibilities.

Violation of the oath of office by a public servant means they have committed perjury, insurrection and rebellion against the lawful Constitution for the united States…

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