Lesson 2: Spotting Assignment Fraud

Mortgage Forgery|The Pain of Fighting a Crime

Mortgage assignments are documents that many of us never think twice about, because, as I will demonstrate, these are not documents that we sign and they are rarely in our possession unless we travel down to the local land records office and get a recorded copy.  I stared at these assignments for what seemed ages, before it finally occurred to me what I was seeing.  I knew that something wasn’t right, however, I was having a very difficult time putting my finger on it.  Then, like a light bulb, it all became clear as to what exactly had occurred with the various assignments that would be involved with our case, yet never brought to light because we were too busy fighting the shiny object; a forged mortgage.

Our documents contained two (2) Corporate Assignments of Real Estate Mortgage documents.  The first one was a non-MERS assignment:

Corporate Assignment of Real Estate (Non-Mers) Page 1 Corporate Assignment of Real…

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