Congress: Guilty of Extortion – Obamacare NOT A LAW!

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Citizen’s civil rights violated under color of law.

All constituents have standing to criminally charge their respective elected officials under US civil rights laws.

Interview with Randy Due on procedure to file criminal civil rights charges against members of Congress.

Download the following criminal complaint form:

ObamaCare declared “unconstitutional” by US Supreme Court

The Basis for this Brief:

  1. The current budget battle between the US House of Representatives and the US Senate is over the funding or defunding of ObamaCare, which was in fact declared “unconstitutional” by the US Supreme Court in its ruling dated June 28, 2012 – has resulted in an impasse and a partial “shut down” of the Federal Government starting on October 1, 2013.
  2. Despite numerous efforts by the House of Representatives to pass a budget funding everything except ObamaCare, the Senate under the command and control of Democrat Senator Harry Reid (Nevada) has…

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