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Mlt Farrowcommented onThe root of the problem?The engine is revving but Are we still locked in park?

So many patriots seem fixed in the educational mode. They are so busy sharing e-mails and videos that the American spectator ?

Would you be so kind as to “list the Zionists on the CFR or the Tri Lateral ?

Please don’t tell me that Wolfowitz is a Zionist of I will puke-I am very tired of the imprecise rhetoric labeling the “Zionists” as the World Bankers having cause and still causing the problem – Neither the house of Rothschild nor The Bavarian Butcher’s of Warburg should ever be thought of as either Zionists nor Jews -They are a disgrace to the Family of Moses-Jewery at large has no respect nor reverence for either family — again I would challenge anyone who disputes that is indeed The Vatican flag that flies…

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