Fallout Shelters: Secret Underground Bunkers and Tunnels under the USA

Nevada State Personnel WATCH


There’s a conspiracy about a secret underground bunkers in DIA or Denver International Airport being built by the US government as a fallout shelter in 2012.

Could Yucca Mountain in Nevada be another massive Deep Underground Military Bunker or a place to house Government officials and other important people  instead on a nuclear storage site as it sits idle?

It is a shame the US spends more on it’s military then it does on education. These two movies were filmed recently in Hawthorn NV. showing the many underground bunkers used by the army and even the NAVY???? The Navy? Why would they have a navel under water research facility way out in the desert? Here is the interesting fact, the lake near Hawthorn walker lake is dead of any life at all. Never seen a boat out on it the 9 or so times…

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