Yes; Mr. Lieu; your attention IS required.

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Mr. Lieu,

Thank you for reaching out to Californians. Your offer to help with what is referred to as the “federal government,” is appreciated. We have a few problems there which require your personal attention.

The main issue involves a private corporation known as the United States of America, Incorporated. Don’t you find it strange a private corporation would be so named?

Of course it is this corporation to which the members of the Congress hold seats as board members. And the CEO position is held by a man by the name of obama.

US Corp (of which obama is CEO) Is In Worse Fiscal Condition Than Greece.

Further, this organization continues to misrepresent itself as the government of the American people. Isn’t that a matter of fraud? A crime?


Interesting enough, here is more data which reveals just a smidgen of the amount of corruption allowed to function…

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