The Oath of Office and Article 5 U.S.C. 7311

Sam's Simple Facts

DISCLAIMER: What is presented here is not MY truth solely, but FACT as stated by United States Law. I suggest that you DO NOT rely on MY “word for it”, but be responsible enough to do YOUR OWN research.

Also, if you read my previous article Are We All Equal Under The Law you may see that I have restated some of the information I presented from that article, but please read this one as well as I have simplified and included new information here.


ANY Senator, Representative, President, Vice President, Supreme Court Justice, or ANYONE who holds ANY office of authority in The United States Government who advocates or enacts an attack on the United States Constitution is in FACT invalidating and forfeiting their right to hold ANY office in Government per their Oath of Office and Article 5 U.S.C 7311

Are OUR representatives overstepping the legal…

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