JADE HELM : Artificial Intelligence Network to Predict and Control the Human Behavior

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Smart Meters Climate Action Plan Dees


Jade Helm LogoThe JADE HELM-15 exercise  is related to what Barbarah Tavares tells us about the broader agenda of Mind-Control technologies.

JADE HELM-15 can be regarded as a Beta Test in the ongoing refinement of the JADE-2 (and other) artificial intelligence networks designed to predict the behavior and to control the actions of a population within the so-called “human domain”.

Tavares discusses the role of “chemtrails” and the deployment of smart dust and nano-bots capable of invading the human body to create a radio frequency communication network that sends your thoughts, mood and biometrics to the central intelligence agency of the New World Order.

There may be no need for Martial Law when the entire Human Domain is imprisoned inside the fence of an electronic FEMA Camp that requires no barbed wire or guard towers to dumb you down and control your behavior.

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