Michigan – County BOC Can Block Installation of Smart Meters

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From: “David Lonier” <davidlonier@gmail.com>
Subject: County has strong case to replace surveillance devices with non-snooping analog devices

Date: October 4, 2013 6:31:51 AM PDT

To: “David Lonier” <davidlonier@gmail.com>
Sent to our Oakland County Board of Commissioners:

Dear County Commissioner,

I believe the county Board of Commissioners has the authority to demand the removal of these so-called smart meters and have the analog meters reinstalled throughout the county.  Although this measure has been introduced in the State House of Representatives, there is nothing prohibiting the county from taking the initiative.

Although this would be precedent-setting, I believe it would showcase the county as a forerunner in placing the rights, safety and wellbeing  of its people ahead of corporate interests that are in blatant violation of those rights.  If we do it, I am sure other counties will soon follow suit.

And here’s your authority to do this:

Michigan State Constitution of…

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