Exposing STATE Impostors; Foreign agents impersonating your lawful public servants!

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

On Aug 11, 2015, at 1:20 PM, Carl Swensson <Carl@casmanpc.com> wrote:

To one and all,

Taken from the pages of Hudock.info under the heading of evidence, comes these documents.



Many, but not all, won’t understand the profound significance of the documents and image files, but if you take the time to review what you now have you will clearly see the magnitude of foreign control we are dealing with.

Every Sheriff needs a copy of this and if, after reviewing what this means, they allow one more Federal Agent into their county we can then proceed with actions across the land to have THEM removed.

Notice how the image document is the OATH OF ALLEGIENCE AND DECLARATION OF PERMISSION TO WORK FOR PERSONS EMPLOYED BY THE STATE OF CLIFORNIA is not a Federal form. It is a state form which means any California State employee who signs this…

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