Sovereignty – A State of Freedom and Independence from Dictatorial Dominance

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There is no such thing as a sovereign citizen…this is a term invented to discredit sovereign Americans.  The real American status uniquely created for all Americans, by the founders.

Attempts to Silence the Sovereign Americans – They are getting desperate!

The Status of sovereignty is the most highly revered and independent status that is claimed by mankind.  Something the world’s power brokers seek to destroy!

G. Edward Griffin, Renown researcher and lecturer

And as for devotees to such a cause, there may be a movement by that name given to it by the corporation masquerading as the government of the American people.  But the corporation deceptively named as the United States is a mostly foreign owned corporation which controls the de facto government, many ignorant Americans believe is their lawful government.  This notion is an illusion created deliberately by fraud and deceit.

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