Weather Modification

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

weather modification – programs, probems policy, and potential – Howard W. Cannon – 1977
“The federal government has been involved for 30 years”

“Defense Department Aircraft work all weather patterns in the mid-Atlantic States”

“cloud seeding has been responsible for the great 5-year drough in the northeast United states”

“Weather research and reporting has long been one of the areas having the closest international cooperation”

“The united states has been the world leader in weather modification research and operations”

“If a drought or severe storm occurs after weather modification attempts”

“The increased activity in weather modification world wide has also resulted in incresed complaints”

“during 1975, at a time when the U.S. government”

“it is recommended that governments be especially mindful”

National Weather modification act of 1976 (444)
“Economic aspects of weather modification”

“Foreign activities in weather modification”
Description of Weather Modification Activities in Some Foreign Nations

State of…

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