A healthy debate with our Clerk of Court (continued)

Real Estate Justice For ALL!

FW: Assignment Fraud… Felony?‏

Tony Webster (twebster321@hotmail.com)

Sent: Thu 12/31/09 1:15 PM
To: Scott Ellis (scott.ellis@brevardclerk.us)
Cc: pete.griffin@brevardclerk.us; frank.sakuma@brevardclerk.us; howard.tipton@brevardcounty.us

Mr. Ellis,

MERS has no Agency status as a nominee (therefore cannot
foreclose or assign notes/mortgages) because it has no pecuniary
interest in the Note and therefore, because the Mortgage is an incident
to the Note (debt) any Assignment of the mortgage without said Note is a

There are tons of case precedents to cite. The separation of the Note and Mortgage is Black
letter law older than the MERS scam.


From: twebster321@hotmail.com
To: scott.ellis@brevardclerk.us
CC: pete.griffin@brevardclerk.us; frank.sakuma@brevardclerk.us; howard.tipton@brevardcounty.us
Subject: RE: Assignment Fraud… Felony?
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 11:34:45 -0500

Mr. Ellis,

The money came from the investors who
purchased certificates in the trust. Supposedly these notes were
registered in the trust (unless they were pledged, similar to the naked
short sale in which delivery never occurred)…

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