Free E-book: The Crime of Our Age (1949) by Dr. L.A. Fritsch, Ph. D

Justice for Germans

Crime of Our AgeTHE CRIME OF OUR AGE – DEDICATED TO THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE OF AMERICA: In the firm belief that the truth will arouse them to action.” Published by American Christian Historian, Ludwig A. Fritsch, Ph. D in 1947, revised 1949. This booklet was published in moral outrage concerning the “crimes against humanity” being perpetrated by the American government against the defenceless German people after the alleged conclusion of World War II by the victorious ALL LIES.

The virtual decapitation of the German Government without any offer of a peace treaty, the Morganthau Plan to starve to death millions of Germans, Eisenhower’s Death Camps for the surrendered German forces and years of enslavement of many more, the forced mass expulsions of millions of Germans from their ancestral homes, the mass rape of millions of German girls and woman, military occupation, mass theft of everything of value, and the Nuremberg Show Trials, were…

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