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It’s Not About An Election, It Is About The New World Order!



Death threats to Trump have been going on for a while and nothing is being done.  The media perpetuates a narrative that Trump is the one who stirs things up when in truth the establishment pay people to start protests and problems.  How low will they go?

If you refuse to see that evil is at work against good….you may as well just hug the new world order.

There are evil forces at work and many there be that do the bidding for those who are of evil desires.

Dianne Marshall

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Vaccine-induced herd immunity is scientifically impossible

There is no herd immunity

“But is [herd immunity] really true? Is it truly so that vaccinating protects others, and that failing to vaccinate endangers others? For the precious few with the courage to question the forced vaccination propaganda, and accept the truth, based on credible, non-CDC science, is no, or, more accurately, absolutely not.
Vaccine-induced herd or community immunity is scientifically impossible. It is a brilliant piece of marketing, using guilt to coerce behavior and drive drug sales. It is twisted genius in action, making intelligent, independent-thinking people ignore their honest, well-founded vaccine skepticism, and causing the rest to accept unlimited vaccinations without question.
There are two primary reasons why vaccinating oneself cannot protect others, and why failing to vaccinate cannot endanger others. The first is from the science of immunology, and we can describe it as waning antibody stimulation, post-vaccination. In short, vaccines only do one thing—stimulate antibody production to something…

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HAARP Magnetometer Data Shows Japan Earthquake Was Induced !

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • Truth is stranger than fiction. I no longer use the term: ‘Act of God’ for alot of earthquakes and natural disasters. Closer examination of many typhoons show that they are very likely man-made. The typhoon Nargis(2008) which struck Myanmar and Katrina which struck the Gulf coast USA are IMO man-made. Was Japan hit by a tectonic weapon on 3/11/11? Very likely!
    HAARP Magnetometer data shows Japan earthquake was induced.
    by PC,
    The United States Air Force and Navy has provided a visual insight into what caused the 9.0 magnitude off of Japan on March 11, 2011 at 05:46:23 UTC.  The image above was downloaded from the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) website.  It is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field…

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The Moscow Signal

Jennifer Lake's Blog

 photo 1959

The Moscow Signal was the name given by intelligence insiders to the low-power microwave beams claimed to have been broadcast into the US embassy for more than two decades, from 1953 until 1976. No members of the public were to hear of it until 1976, not even the staff of the US embassy in Moscow. Journalist Paul Brodeur, longtime writer for The New Yorker, recounted the events in his 1977 book The Zapping of America: “According to the first report of the affair, which appeared in the Los Angeles Times on February 7 [1976], Ambassador Walter J. Stoessel Jr had told some of the 125 members of his staff that the Russians were using microwave beams to listen in on conversations inside the embassy, and that such radiation could be harmful to their health…”[p95]

As it happens, the signal went undiscovered until 1962 when a…

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