This May Be the End of Ted Cruz-A Man Without a Country!!!

ted cruz canada

Ted Cruz previously announced he was a dual citizen of Canada and the United States.   In June of 2014 Time reported that Ted had renounced his Canadian citizenship.  The Dallas Morning News has previously published Ted’s birth certificate, confirming his birth in Canada.

cruz birth certificate

Thus Ted could only be a “citizen” of the United States if his parents were married before he was born, and one of his parents was an American citizen.  His mother, Eleanor was born in Deleware, and her birth certificate has been produced.

ted cruz mother birth certificate eleanor darragh

So the only way Ted Cruz would not qualify as a U.S. citizen upon his birth in Canada, would be if his mother had taken affirmative steps to renounce her American citizenship before Ted’s birth in December of 1970.   I previously posted a reference to a Facebook post by “Elisa Sluijs,” asserting that Cruz’s mother did in fact renounce her American citizenship…

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