John McCain – Arizona’s Sellout Senator Is The Godfather Of Dark Money

Reality Check

John McCain wrote the rules on dark money when he sponsored Campaign Finance Reform, also known as the McCain-Feingold Act.  Now he’s using millions of dollars in dark money in a bid to hold on to his tightly contested Arizona Senate Seat.

An investigation into the various PACs supporting John McCain brought to light some stunning conclusions. First, the vast majority of John McCain campaign donations are not from the Arizonans John McCain represents, but from people and corporations outside of Arizona with a vested interest in McCain’s continued support and votes for their interests.  Secondly, several of the PACs supporting McCain are blatantly violating the very Federal Election Laws John McCain wrote.

When the issue of dark money first came up several years ago, The Arizona Republic blasted McCain saying, “Blame McCain-Feingold, not Citizens, for dark money” in their story explaining the negative effect Senator McCain’s campaign finance…

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