dems sit-in_1466612350006_3296938_ver1.0

Behold those who desire to take away the second amendment and their grand “LET’S SIT ON OUR BEHINDS”  on the congressional floor. Why is it not surprising to see they have resorted to the same  behavior as those they  coherse, encourage and applaud to squat in the streets blocking peaceful citizens from going about their business. This is what they know…this is what they do. Today the minions have staged a sit in to push their evil agenda to destroy the constitution from within.  My hope is they just sit their until they rot.


If this is not a tell- tell sign of who is behind all the staged protests – then you will never see the minions who instigate all the helter skelter in the streets. I mean why is it they all appear as frogs, reptiles, warlocks and witches?  I am sure there are a few RINO’s that would love…

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