Perpetuating the cycle of child abuse!

puremadangel's Blog

Lately I’ve been battling past demons that have come back to haunt me. They are not my demons but the demons of someone else. The demons of child protective services, the foster care system (prison) and being a foster child.

All the stories I’ve read lately, and even the stories sent to me privately from current and former foster children have begun to haunt me. It is one of those wounds that won’t heal because it hasn’t been fixed. IT HASN’T STOPPED!!

I remember being terrified. I remember not knowing who I could turn to or who I could trust. I remember crying myself to sleep. I remember I was actually getting counseling at the time but it was For the past abuse I’d gone through and didn’t mean anything to me cause it couldn’t stop the current abuse I was facing.

Even today I look at all the ad…

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