London ‘beheading’: An Israeli false flag operation!

Rehmat's World

Early this month, Lee Rigby, a British soldier was hacked to death in broad daylight by so-called “two Islamists”. The BBC, Sky News, ITV News and other Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) outlets even claimed that the two assailants shouted “Allah Akbar” while attacking the soldier.

According to some reports, assailants stayed on the scene with blood-dripping butcher knives in their hands while allowing to be photographed by the bystanders – until police arrived at the scene, shot both and took them to a hospital. Interestingly, none of early photos show blood on victim’s body.

British Israel-Firster prime minister David Cameron condemned the killing and blamed it on the so-called “Islamic Terrorism”. Rigby’s beheading has all the markings of July 7, 2005 London bombing, a MI5/Israeli Mossad false flag operation. A dozen members of pro-Israel White extremist English Defence League (EDL) protested in London waving Israeli flags and shouting anti-Muslim slogans.

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