BREAKING: 5 Poachers Dead And 3 Injured After Pride of Lions Sneaked Up On Them

Cecils Pride

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A group of poachers were hunting elephants near the town of Harare when a pride of 20 adult Southwest African lions ambushed them. One Green Planet and World News Daily reported that of the group of 10 poachers, 5 were killed and three were injured. The survivors were arrested at a nearby village upon getting medical treatment.

Zimbabwe Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri, described the scene as “a horrible bloodbath” where the bones of the dead poachers were seen scattered over a few hundreds of square meters. He further announced that he hopes this incident will serve as a warning to poachers to not go harming nature’s children.

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The Commissioner-General of Zimbabwe Republic Police, Augustine Chihuri.

The surviving poachers, currently in custody is expected to face criminal charges including illegal hunting, posession of illegal weapons and contravening the Parks and Wildlife Act. Should they be convicted guilty, they may face…

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