I Carla Jean Glade, do declare….

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This is an autobiographical journey through the Los Angeles Family Law Court System including copies of actual public records depicting felonies committed by attorneys and judges under the guise of Family Law Court.  Crimes are crimes not matter who commits them.  These crimes and the criminals that commit Must be held accountable.

I can’t not even begin to express the number of times I have told that eventually there would be a story written about my life, particularly, the family law court system.  I keep the original records, I have lots of banker boxes and filing cabinets containing over 10 years worth of court crimes against me and kids.  Attorneys, guardian ad litem, evaluators, court monitors, family therapist, psych ward, pharmaceuticals, physiatrists, phycologists and more.  You name it the entire circus was there.

They colluded in stealing millions of dollars from me and my children approximately 10 of millions, and…

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