The WA State Bar’s RICO enterprise — in a ‘nutshell’ and the ‘long version’

Corrupt Washington

In a complaint filed in US Federal Court for the Western District of WA, activist and plaintiff, Bill Scheidler presents the WA State Bar’s RICO enterprise in a “nutshell version” and in a “long version” that includes diagrams, 1000’s of pages of case histories, dozens of grievances filed with the WA Bar against lawyers for their misconduct and dismissed by the Bar, and grievances filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct [CJC] against judges for violations of law and their code of conduct that are also dismissed by the CJC as evidence of massive corruption.

The Defendants are listed as

2. Defendant James Avery, individually and in any official capacity. Avery is mandated by law to publish the “qualifications and manner” of making claims for citizen’s Article 7, Section 10 rights. Avery violates his obligations mandated by law, there is no legal “manner nor legal qualifications” that Avery…

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