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As “Pizza-gate” unfolds, it is apparent that the media has remained silent on the matter for decades.  Those who have exposed this evil pedophile and satanic death ring have been silenced through suicide and some found belly up in rivers.  Some mysteriously ended up in dumpsters.

It is time to take a good look at all the evil that has been taking place and hidden  by those in high places.  It is also time to yank journalism out from the hands of those who do not report these types of evils.  After all, the main reason why the freedom of the press was put in place as a check and balance was to keep those in political power honest. It was never designed to be a privately controlled propaganda machine for the evil elite.

It is time to drain all the swamp and indict all those who have committed evil acts. The…

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Legalese (Government Manipulation of Language)

Freedom Documents

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Government Manipulation of Language

A Natural Person vs Artificial Person (A Legal Fiction)

Government Manipulation of Language

Government Tricks:
This is perhaps the most important page on this web-site.
First Trick:
The first “trick” of the Government is the re-definition of certain critical words in each Statute (Act). They (the Government) want you to assume the ordinary meaning of the word so as to trick you into reading and interpreting the Statute in their favour. Here is a summary of some of the Trick…

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Robert Christopher Laity: Obama is an IMPOSTOR: Rubio and Cruz who are like Obama,INELIGIBLE under Article II, Sec. 1

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Attention Public Servants…

These are matters of crimes against the people. This is not a matter of politics!  In accordance with your oath of office you are compelled to act to defend and support the Constitution.

Failing to honor your oath is a serious federal crime!

Robert Christopher Laitycommented onThe People’s gold assets are at Stake!


Download your own copy and distribute locally: Criminals on our shores

Obama is an IMPOSTER: End the Franchise Control of California—Strike Down Every Sitting Judge! Impostors? Impersonators? | Scanned Retina Resource

Now comes Rubio and Cruz who are like Obama,INELIGIBLE under Article II, Sec. 1

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