Trafficking- a serious local issue?


Ron Vroom – Follow-up Ron Vrooman- From the Beaverton Oversight Committee 6:15:2018 Ron Vrooman—Waste of time? The True Bill was delivered to the President of the Oregon State Sheriffs Association 06-17-18-Ron Vrooman-demand to Show Charging Instrument

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The Territorial United States was controlled by the British Government as a base of operations for their duties providing us and our States with “essential government services”. But as you should all have cause to know, Puerto Ricans and people from Guam do not have the same citizenship or nationality as the rest of us. We are not under British control. And now that the Delegated Powers have returned to The United States of America [Unincorporated] —-neither are the Territorial or Municipal citizens bound to Britain. It’s over. Finally. Kick them in the ass on their way out and fully inform the “United Nations”. And do not fall for any of their BS again.

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California State Legal Bar Put Public at Significant Risk — Ugly Judge

California State Legal Bar Put Public at Significant Risk The old saying goes “You never put the fox in charge of the henhouse”. This is common and acceptable for all businesses and society except for lawyers and police. Thus the current outrage and corruption going on with lawyers and police in America. We’ve allowed them […]

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