Lynne Twist

Werner Erhard and Est

Everybody has milestones and epiphanies. Mine came in the EST training which I took in 1974 with Werner Erhard. It just revolutionized my life. I really came to understand that I could turn my life over to making a difference. That experience led me to be in the right place at the right time when The Hunger Project was born. I heard Werner Erhard say for the first time at a big meeting that he was taking a stand to end world hunger. My whole body started to shake, and I knew that that was why I was born, that that was what I came here to do. It was impractical because I was a very busy young mother, but it was a calling so remarkable that I could not deny it, and so I went with it. That’s what the EST training did for me; What was almost a…

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The Hunger Project

I was fortunate enough to be a part of this dream.

Werner Erhard and Est

The Hunger Project is a grassroots organization that was first formed in 1977 to generate global awareness about chronic persistent hunger and build a consensus to bring about its end.  Lynne Twist  says, ” Werner Erhard is a great thinker and genius in ontology, in the ontology of being, and training people in the principles of transformation… Out of a series of conversations with Buckminster Fuller and Werner Erhard, something called the Hunger Project was born. They actually saw that the greatest breakdown in human integrity was hunger.  To let millions of people die of hunger in a world awash with food was an integrity issue, not a food issue and not a political issue, but an integrity issue. Out of that, this remarkable project called the Hunger Project was born with help from John Denver, the great singer/songwriter, and others. It was first launched through the EST…

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#230YearsAgo: Out for Ratification

From Declaration to Constitution

On September 24, 1789, the U.S. House took up the report of the conference committee. The committee reconciled the differences between the House’s 17 articles of amendment and the Senate’s 12 by changing the text in two of them.

The committee’s version of the Senate’s article III became the language we now know as the first amendment prohibiting Congress from making laws establishing a religion, prohibiting the free exercise of religion, freedom of press, assembly or the right to petition the government. Its version of the Senate’s article VIII became the language we now know as the sixth amendment, consolidating the rights to speedy, public trials by jury in criminal cases.

The House journal for that day reported the vote was 37-14 in favor of the amendments. This met the requirement for 2/3 approval. The Senate journal reported unanimous approval on Friday, September 25, 1789.

The Article V of the…

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Genius of the US Constitution #230YearsAgo #ConstitutionDay

From Declaration to Constitution

Delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document that would become the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. We mark that historic event as Constitution Day each year on the anniversary.

It took most of a year to get 9 states to ratify the document putting it into effect. One wonders how long the delegates or Founders expected the charter to last. 231 years is quite a season in the politics of national governments. It is now the longest existing charter of a republic based on democratic principles in the world.

Perhaps its genius lies in a handful of key principles:

  • “We the People” created the government with limited powers.
  • Those powers were divided among 3 branches with checks and balances on each other
  • The States also served as a check on the expansion of the national government
  • The amendment process requires time and great consensus
  • the subsequent Bill of Rights

Working together, these…

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FTB Mail Fraud Complaint – C#1880163

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Begin forwarded message:
From: <>
Subject: In Response To Your Mail Fraud Report C#1880163
Date: August 17, 2018 at 7:05:48 AM PDT
To: <>

Thank you for contacting the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. The information you provided has been entered into our national Fraud Complaint System. Your reference number is C#1880163. If we need more information, you will be contacted directly. Please hold on to any original documents related to your complaint.
Please note that Postal Inspectors do not have the authority to ensure that your losses are refunded.
We may share the information you provided with other agencies when there is a possible violation within their jurisdiction.
In the future, if you have complaints about mail fraud or mail theft, you can visit our website,, to file a complaint online.

United States Postal Inspection Service

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