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More on the 14th Amendment-Take three

Go Arnie!!!

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On Jan 27, 2015, at 6:09 AM, Arnie Rosner <> wrote:

Hello Tom,

Its me…the messenger.  The messenger of the creator.  He keeps trying to tell us something.

As you may recall our last exchange…it boiled down to your insisting I provide a solution.  That is very interesting Tom.  Very interesting indeed.

My obligation is to report the crime of which I became aware; not provide the solution.  Now that you too are aware of this crime…are you telling me you are choosing to ignore it?

Really Tom?

A crime of such magnitude that it has adversely affected every American, since the inception of this fraud and you really intend to ignore it?  A crime of such broad implications it affects even the matter of immigration and amnesty?

That does say a lot about who you really are doesn’t it?

Well Tom, as I mentioned you certainly are…

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George Soros and the elite’s China-fronted New World Order (Updates 1-3 – The BRICS were the brainchild of Goldman Sachs)

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

January 26, 2015
Thanks to J.

The BRICS alliance has been hailed as a saving grace for humanity from the grasp of the New World Order; but is it true? If we are to take our lessons from history it would seem unlikely.

The BRICS nations have been involved in NWO activities in the past, and this should not be overlooked because their present rhetoric seems beneficial. We would do well to consider ALL data available, and not place all our eggs in one basket.

Calls of mass arrest by huge alternative news icons such as David Wilcock have come and gone to no avail, but now the new tune being sung, is that the BRICS alliance opposes the NWO and is fighting to free humanity. Once again a fabrication of opposing sides are being shown to battle each other, but it seems they are controlled by the same masters.

While we would love to see…

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Children’s Bodies Believed Buried under Benjamin Franklin’s Home in Litchfield, Connecticut


BenFranklinDuplessisElite Jewish owners of a home previously owned by Benjamin Franklin believe he most likely used the home solely for satanic rituals involving the sexual abuse and murder of children.

In the early seventies, the owners of the home in Litchfield, Connecticut, a Jewish Harvard professor and his family, unearthed evidence within the home showing it was once owned by Benjamin Franklin.

It is common knowledge amongst elites, I’m told, that Benjamin Franklin, a Jew, was a Masonic satanic pedophile who liked to sexually abuse and sacrifice young children, mostly Aryan boys, then dismember and dispose of their remains by burying them under his house, as was discovered in 1998, where children’s remains were unearthed under Franklin’s England home.

In 1972, my family and I moved from Seattle to Litchfield, Connecticut where my father, transferring from the University of Washington, completed the final year of his medical internship at…

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Citizens File $60 Million Suit Against Government Failure to Respond to Chemtrails Questions

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

UPDATE:  CHEMTRAILS CONFIRMED: Climate Scientist Admits Jets Are “Dumping Aerosols”
Jasper Kirkby Quote on Jet Aircraft Dumping Aerosols-b

Original Post: Geoengineering Watch

4/1/2014: Four thousand Swedish Citizens file $ 60 million class Action suit against Swedish government for not responding to questions about covert geoengineering, aka Chemtrails.

On April 1, 2014, charges were filed against the Swedish government and three of its agencies to the nation’s Chanceller of Justice for widespread and systematic violations of the much heralded “public principle” (“offentlighetsprincipen” similar to FOI).

The violations occurred when the government failed to respond to over 4,000 citizen requests for information related to the ubiquitous spraying of aerosols over the country from aircrafts (a k a “chemtrailing”) that has been going on for several years.  *** Continue

Chemtrails tankers Panel Header-B

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Free E-Book: 1984, by George Orwell

Sheep Pee!

Title:  1984 (or “Nineteen Eighty-Four”)
Author:  George Orwell
Date:  1949


“1984” Radio Show, starring David Niven, August 27, 1949  (In the event that the main link fails, try this one.)  (About 55 minutes)

“1984”  Audio Book  (Recorded 1986)

PART 1  –  PART 2  –  PART 3  –  PART 4  –  PART 5  –  PART 6  –  PART 7
PART 8  –  PART 9  –  PART 10  –  PART 11  –  PART 12  –  PART 13  –  PART 14 

“1984” Movie, 1956, starring Edmond O’Brien, Michael Redgrave and Jan Sterling.  (See below.)

The following book review originally appeared in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, on July 9, 1949.

The chief qualities of “Nineteen Eighty-Four” are those of a nightmare.  It is vivid and terrifying.  Even as a nightmare…

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White and Black Slaves in the Sugar Plantations of Barbados. None of the Irish victims ever made it back to their homeland to describe their ordeal. These are the lost slaves; the ones that time and biased history books conveniently forgot.
The first slaves imported into the American colonies were 100 White children. They arrived during Easter, 1619, four months before the arrival of a the first shipment of Black slaves.Mainstream histories refer to these laborers as indentured servants, not slaves, because many agreed to work for a set period of time in exchange for land and rights.

Yet in reality, indenture was enslavement, since slavery applies to any person who is bought and sold, chained and abused, whether for a decade or a lifetime. Many white people died long before their indenture ended or found that no court would back them when their owners failed to deliver on promises.Tens…

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New Facebook Policy Arrives January 2015


On January 30th, all Facebook users will be asked whether or not they will accept the new “Terms of Service” policy. According to reports, they want to allow third parties such as CIA, NSA, FBI, and others to access all of your information. This may not just be the information stored on your Facebook account, the also could include private information on your phone and computer. Many Facebook users have vowed to delete their Facebook accounts before the new year starts.

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