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California World Relief refugee contractor lets cat out of bag: next year 20,000-30,000 Syrians will arrive

Refugee Resettlement Watch

And, no doubt they will be at least 95% Syrian Sunni Muslims.

kirt-lewis Kirt Lewis: Yippee! Sacramento could get 2,000-3,000 Syrian Muslims! Photo:

When the Obama Administration went to Congress last week with its official “determination” for FY2017 which begins in 11 days (on October 1) and said that they want 110,000 refugees from all over the world admitted in FY17, they very pointedly made no mention of how many Syrians would be in that huge flow.

But, here, at the end of a story about the cost of educating refugees in California, a World Reliefspokesman tells us what they all know on the inside (but are keeping secret from you!). (Hat tip: Joanne)

Early indicators suggest the U.S. is going to see more Syrian refugees next year–probably between 20,000 and 30,000,” Kirt Lewis, director of the Sacramento field office for World Relief, said in an…

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Your representatives DO NOT care about YOUR children

Sam's Simple Facts

Our representatives claim that they are honestly representing The Voices of America’s Citizens, especially now regarding their ramped up Gun Control policies after the Sandy Hook Mass Murder. Then why are they ignoring someone close to the tragedy and focusing on some agenda which they dust off the shelf written previously in the hopes of an incident like Sandy Hook arises?

Now that an incident has arisen, why are OUR supposed Representatives grandstanding and dancing on the graves of the victims, bills in hand, to further those more misguided and failed agendas? The agendas that serve the representative’s politically more than it would ever serve the citizens they are suppose to represent.

SIMPLE FACT is our Representatives do not honestly care about any victim, or more importantly, future victims.

Why have the majority of our representatives all but ignored these father’s messages to congress while the same representatives who represent…

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Homeland Security Chief Speaks At Hamas Front’s Confab; Shares Stage with Holocaust Denier, Muslim Brotherhood Leader

The DHS head told the group which worked to finance Hamas, “Tonight I will not talk to you about counterterrorism.” CounterJihad, by Paul Sperry, Sept. 4, 2016: Department of Homeland S…

Source: Homeland Security Chief Speaks At Hamas Front’s Confab; Shares Stage with Holocaust Denier, Muslim Brotherhood Leader