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Floating Seawer Skyscraper Rids The World’s Oceans Of Plastic While Generating Clean Energy



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10 Things About The U.S. News Media That They Do Not Want You To Know

But we aren’t just talking about control of the news media.  These giant media corporations also own movie studios, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, video game makers, music labels and even many of our favorite websites. So we should be thankful that their media monopoly is finally crumbling. Nobody should have that much power over what the American people see, hear and think about.

Death of Western media looming on horizon

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Entire Court in California Had to Step Down – All Judges

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The legal system in the United States is becoming so corrupt, this is exactly as Edward Gibbon wrote about the collapse of the rule of law in Rome.

Edward Gibbon wrote of him: Each

distinction of every kind soon became criminal. The possession of wealth stimulated the diligence of the informers; rigid virtue implied a tacit censure of the irregularities of Commodus; important services implied a dangerous superiority of merit; and the friendship of the father always insured the aversion of the son. Suspicion was equivalent to proof; trial to condemnation. The execution of a considerable senator was attended with the death of all who might lament or revenge his fate; and when Commodus had once tasted human blood, he became incapable of pity or remorse

(Book 1, Chapter 4).

The legal system in the United States now seriously needs…

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Watch How To Stand Your Ground: Jury Nullification Across The United States.

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Jury Nullification Jefferson

Jury Rights activists in the Philadelphia area recently encountered resistance in front of a local courthouse, when they were attempting to educate their neighbors about jury nullification.

Among the activists was James Babb, an organizer behind the recent push to install jury nullification billboards in cities throughout the US.

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Jacob Lew: In whose honor do you serve?

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Arnie Rosner
8905 Rhine River Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-5607

October 16, 2014

Jacob J. Lew, Secretary of the Treasury
Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20220

Voila_Capture 2014-10-16_09-16-02_AM

Dear Secretary Lew:

In a recent letter to you, a fellow American, Anna Maria Riezinger, of Alaska, stated,

“The office you hold was placed in control of the Post Office In 1933. You became the Trustee upon the land jurisdiction of the Several States United.   I am led to believe that your predecessors in office deliberately abandoned the office of The United States Postmaster (Civil) in an effort to avoid the fiduciary duties owed The United States Trust (1789).”

Sorry Mr. Lew…not so fast!  Be advised, the jig is up;  and you are accountable for the related fiduciary responsibilities whether you admit to them or not. Aa a user of the assets of the trust… “as”…

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