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Sheriff Mack, Will you accept this heavy responsibility?

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Sheriff Mack,

Thank you for understanding we have been deliberately deceived for over at least 140 years. We also have come to understand as early as 1862 or so other acts of deception and treason were committed against the American people. There is no discussion regarding these events or evidence as it has been recorded within the official records of that time.

Looking back through history, it is evident a long process of criminal deception has been in play. A systematic plan to murder, incarcerate, unlawfully tax the wealth and resources of the American people, without their consent and without their knowledge, seems to have been the plan from the beginning of America.

Many of the people digging into the long history of these devious plans, have been convinced everything stated above was true. In my case, Rod Class has brought into the full light and the impact of what…

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Neil Keenan: First Westerner to Enter Indonesian Gold Bunker

Covert Geopolitics

The Collateral Accounts consisting of gold accumulated throughout history will be made available for global redevelopment that would end all the havoc the Cabal has inflicted upon the Sheeples.

This will be a shortish update as video is being worked on and a full report.

Neil Keenan made history last week by becoming the first westerner to enter the bunkers that contain gold, diamonds and other items in quantities that are unimaginable.

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Rick01 commented on Orly Taitz – Member of the California State Bar #223433

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Orly Taitz – Member of the California State Bar #223433 | Scanned Retina Resource

That’s all well and fine that this lawyer has no disciplinary actions on record, and there have been no administrative actions on their record, but that by ALL MEANS does not mean that lawyer hasn’t had any complaints on their records, I know this all too well first hand. My now disbarred attorney who I filed complaints against was disbarred and sent to jail for theft of Client funds for aggravated theft in the first degree, and he too had no records at the time I first filed my complaints against him, then I went to the State BAR and asked to see his records and found that he had had complaints filed against him but no actions had been taken, and found…

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Shockingly heavy-handed move by the government revealed in a brand-new filing

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BREAKING: DOJ Moves to Disqualify All Defense Attorneys Who Know of Govt Misconduct

Shockingly heavy-handed move by the government revealed in a brand-new filing

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Judge William Shubb

Judge William Shubb will hear the government?s motion to disqualify all defense attorneys for Sierra Pacific.

EXCLUSIVE: Those who dared expose government corruption in the Moonlight Fire case have just been met with a furious motion to disqualify all counsel and everyone who has even read the affidavit of former Assistant United States Attorney E. Robert Wright.

David Shelledy, Civil Division Chief for the United States Attorney?s Office in the Eastern District of California and new counsel to the case, Matthew Segal, have moved to disqualify all of the defense attorneys for Sierra Pacific and related defendants in the now infamous ?Moonlight Fire? case. Ironically, Mr. Shelledy himself is the one who…

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Tesla Since You’re Gone


*Wardenclyffe was no Experiment*

Tesla knew perfectly well what he was doing! And KNOW is not just an understatement! He had already blown out the Colorado Springs Power Company with feedback. He had already been sued. He had already lost his Colorado Springs Lab to foreclosure BECAUSE he blew out the Power Plant. Why did he burn out the Power Plant?

Quite simple. He had nowhere else to turn while the Westinghouse Generators that he blew out got returned to workable order on his last attempt to make a tap into the Ionosphere. Which was successful by the way. He brought power from the Ionosphere in such an abundance, to the tower at Colorado Springs, which fed into the ground (which he was using as a conductor) to power “Tesla Light Bulbs” (different from Edison’s as they were fluorescent) some 25 miles away from that power plant…


Oh, and he not only did it then! After he blew out the Colorado Springs Power Plant and got sued (obviously not being allowed to use them again) Tesla traveled to Quebec, where he did it AGAIN! This time on a smaller scale, but of course more perfected.

Wardenclyffe WAS NO PIPE DREAM! Not at all.

You may ask “Why has nobody duplicated this today?” and that might be a good question. Let’s ask Tesla, shall we?

Nothing could be further from my thought than to call wireless telephony around the world “the greatest achievement of humanity” as reported. This is a feat which, however stupefying, can be readily performed by any expert. I have myself constructed a plant for this very purpose. The wireless wonders are only seeming, not results of exceptional skill, as popularly believed. The truth is the electrician has been put in possession of a veritable lamp of Aladdin. All he has to do is to rub it. Now, to rub the lamp of Aladdin is no achievement.

If you are desirous of hastening the accomplishment of still greater and further reaching wonders you can do no better than by emphatically opposing any measure tending to interfere with the free commercial exploitation of water power and the wireless art. So absolutely does human progress depend on the development of these that the smallest impediment, particularly through the legislative bodies of this country, may set back civilization and the cause of peace for centuries.

Nikola Tesla
New York, April 19, 1908

Does that answer your question? No? Well, lemme put it to you this way. The United States Military was NOT interested in Tesla’s Radar! Nor were they interested in his “Remote Control for Torpedo’s”. As a matter of fact, Radar had to be presented by someone else, and even after Britain took it up in WWII… the USA had no immediate interest in this tech even then. How long did it take “Remote Control” to hit the Market? 50 Years? I think the United States Military NOW has a handle on it and are using it.

That’s why! <== That is the ONLY reason why. If you don’t believe me, ask Eric Dollard:

Want MY opinion? I don’t care. The site is under control of people I do not trust and have underhanded plans (in my mind) to make the site into a Museum, rather than finishing the Tower. Everything that Tesla had there as equipment is documented from the Foreclosure Trial of Wardenclyffe. The Tower itself is a MINOR part of the device. Want a look at the tower (the upper design)? Here:

Elon Musk (owner of Tesla Motors) donated money to this Museum on the site. I, as a devoted Tesla Student and Promoter do NOT want a Museum there! How could anyone who cared? However I am not going to get my way. It is what Tesla designed UNDERGROUND that is the main crux of the operation, and guess what? They used the hole as a “Dumping Ground” for a bunch of crap… everything underground is probably ruined.

The visit to the Tesla Tower was done with the intention to express our views that the Tesla Tower foundation be designed as a national historical site. There are several Tesla Societies in Long Island today which are formed with the intention to build a Tesla Science Museum in Shoreham, Long Island. Tesla’s laboratory was designed by the famous American architect and Tesla’s friend, Stanford White. The laboratory is still standing in good condition. In front of Tesla’s laboratory, there is a foundation of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower which was an enormous structure underground connecting the Tower with the Atlantic Ocean. J.P. Morgan, the richest and most powerful man of that time, was a financier of the Tesla Broadcasting system. The Tower was designed as a world communications center and Nikola Tesla added to the project in that the tower would also be used for transmitting electrical energy without wires to the entire globe. Tesla wanted to saturate the globe with electricity as a dynamo so that everyone on the surface of the globe could obtain electrical light just by sticking wires into the soil and a electrical bulb would light. When J.P. Morgan heard about the Tesla project, he was asked: “How can we get money from the electricity which Tesla is supplying to every part of the world?” After that Morgan cut the funds and the Tower was never finished.

The working room, or tower, which will be the foundation for Mr. Tesla’s across-the-world flashes, will be octagonal in shape and will be 210 feet high, 100 feet In diameter at the base, narrowing down to 80 feet in diameter at the top. It will be constructed chiefly of wood, though the builders say that fifty tons of iron and steel and 50,000 bolts of various sizes are used in Its construction.

Inside the big tower a well 120 feet deep has been sunk, the well being 12 feet square, cased Its entire depth with 8 inch timbers, which will be finished off with brick and cement. A staircase, which will lead down into the well, is nearly completed.

Transversely across the bottom of the well will be a series of four tunnels, each to be 100 feet long, and a force of workmen has begun work on these subterranean passages.

The power house Is constructed of pressed brick, and is 100 feet square. In it are a boiler room, engine and dynamo room, machine shop and laboratory. The Westinghouse Company furnished the electrical equipment, boilers, engines and dynamos. Only the finishing touches are needed on the electrical equipment to make it available and Mr. Tesla promises to begin active operations very soon.

New York Times, March 27, 1904.

This Is Nicola Tesla’s Latest Dream, and the Long Island Hamlet of Wardenclyffe Marvels Thereat. To gather in the latent electricity in the clouds and with the globe itself as a medium of transmission to convey telegraphic messages, power for commercial purposes, or even the sound of the human voice to the utmost confines of the earth is the latest dream of Nikola Tesla.

In an article which appeared recently in The Electrical World Mr. Tesla explains the theories on which the world telegraphy system is founded and what he expects to accomplish by it. His plans involve the establishment of stations for the transmission of messages and power, “preferably near important centers of civilization.” Oddly enough, what Mr. Tesla proudly designates as the first of his commercial “world telegraphy” stations has been established at Wardenclyffe, L. I., which is not in any sense an important “center of civilization,” but a place described by train hands of the Long Island Railroad as a way station where “a passenger alights occasionally.”

The transmitting station is an octagonal tower, pyramidal in shape, and some 180 feet in height. It consists of huge wooden stilts, heavily braced, and reinforced, and surmounted by a cupola of interlaced steel wires, bent so as to form an arc. In the cupola there is a wooden platform occupying its entire width.

Mr. Tesla began work on his transmitting station about eighteen months ago. When he first came there, and it was understood that J. Pierpont Morgan had become interested in his odd enterprise and furnished him with financial assistance, a thrill of vague expectancy ran through the little settlement, The Wardenclyffe Land Company, which owns practically all the available ground in the vicinity, gave the inventor a free grant of some 175 acres of fine land, and then settled down to wait for the day when Wardenclyffe would become the center of the universe.

Some of the farmers who come to Wardenclyffe to send their products to this city look at Mr. Tesla’s tower, which is situated directly opposite the railroad station, and shake their heads sadly. They are inclined to take a skeptical view regarding the feasibility of the wireless “world telegraphy” idea, but yet Tesla’s transmitting tower as it stands in lonely grandeur and boldly silhouetted against the sky on a wide clearing on the concession is a source or great satisfaction and of some mystification to them all. “It is a mighty fine tower,” said one food farmer to a visitor last week. “The breeze up there is something grand of a Summer evening, and you can see the Sound and all the steamers that go by. We are tired, though, trying to figure out why he put it here instead of at Coney Island.” While the tower itself is very “stagey” and picturesque, it is the wonders that are supposed to be hidden in the earth underneath it that excite the curiosity of the population in the little settlement. In the center of the wide concrete platform which serves as a base for the structure there is a wooden affair very much like the companionway on an ocean steamer.

The tower and the enclosure in which it has been built are being carefully guarded these days, and no one except Mr. Tesla’s own men is allowed to approach it. Only they have been allowed as much as the briefest peep down the companionway. Mr. Scherff, the private secretary of the inventor, told an inquirer that the companionway led to a small drainage passage built for the purpose of keeping the ground about the tower dry. But such of the villagers as saw the tower constructed tell a different story. They declare that it leads to a well-like excavation as deep as the tower is high with walls of masonwork and a circular stairway leading to the bottom. From there, they say, tunnels have been built in all directions, until the entire ground below the little plain on which the tower is raised has been honeycombed with subterranean passages.

They tell with awe how Mr. Tesla, on his weekly visits to Wardenclyffe, spends as much time in the underground passages as he does on the tower or in the handsome laboratory and workshop erected beside it, and where the power plant for the world telegraph has been installed.

No instruments have been installed as yet in the transmitter, nor has Mr. Tesla vouchsafed any description of what they will be like. But in his article he announces that he will transmit from the tower an electric wave of a total maximum activity of ten million horse power. This, he says, will be possible with a plant of but 100 horse power, by the use of a magnifying transmitter of his own invention and certain artifices which he promises to make known in due course. What he expects to accomplish is summed up in the closing paragraph as follows:

“When the great truth, accidentally revealed and experimentally confirmed, is fully recognized, that this planet, with all its appalling immensity, is to electric currents virtually no more than a small metal ball and that by virtue of this fact many possibilities, each baffling imagination and of incalculable consequence, are rendered absolutely sure of accomplishment; when the first plant is inaugurated and it is shown that a telegraphic message, almost as secret and non-interferable as a thought, can be transmitted to any terrestrial distance, the sound of the human voice, with all its intonations and inflections faithfully and instantly reproduced at any other point of the globe, the energy of a waterfall made available for supplying light, heat or motive power, anywhere–on sea, or land, or high in the air–humanity will be like an antheap stirred up with a stick. See the excitement coming!”

Wardenclyffe Foreclosure Proceedings, pp.177-179

Nikola Tesla for Defendant—Direct.

Mr. Tesla: Yes. You see the underground work is one of the most expensive parts of the tower. In this system that I have invented it is necessary for the machine to get a grip of the earth, otherwise it cannot shake the earth. It has to have a grip on the earth so that the whole of this globe can quiver, and to do that it is necessary to carry out a very expensive construction. I had in fact invented special machines. But I want to say this underground work belongs to the tower.

Q. Anything that was there, tell us about.

A. There was, as your Honor states, a big shaft about ten by twelve feet goes down about one hundred and twenty feet and this was first covered with timber and the inside with steel and in the center of this there was a winding stairs going down and in the center of the stairs there was a big shaft again through which the current was to pass, and this shaft was so figured in order to tell exactly where the nodal point is, so that I could calculate every point of distance. For instance I could calculate exactly the size of the earth or the diameter of the earth and measure it exactly within four feet with that machine.

Q. And that was a necessary appurtenance to your tower?

A. Absolutely necessary. And then the real expensive work was to connect that central part with the earth, and there I had special machines rigged up which would push the iron pipe, one length after another, and I pushed these iron pipes, I think sixteen of them, three hundred feet, and then the current through these pipes takes hold of the earth. Now that was a very expensive part of the work, but it does not show on the tower, but it belongs to the tower.

Q. Was the hole really one hundred and twenty feet deep. did you say?

A. Yes, you see the ground water on that place is about one hundred and twenty feet. We are above the ground water about one hundred and twenty feet. In the well we struck water at about eighty feet.

Q. What you call the main water table?

A. Yes, the main well we struck at eighty feet, but there we had to go deeper.

Q. Tell the court generally, not in detail, the purpose of that tower and the equipment which you have described connected with it?

A. Well, the primary purpose of the tower, your Honor, was to telephone, to send the human voice and likeness around the globe.

Tesla, was not about to push the concept. He sold the idea originally to JP Morgan under the premise of sending video and audio worldwide, and when cornered this was still his reaction. Yet I know what his plan was. So did Morgan. Probably you as well. To give the Entire World (all of Humanity) free wireless electrical power forever. The big project of Wardenclyffe has been “stamped out” trodded over, belittled to the point of my own personal enragement. The Powers that be do not wish for this to become a reality.

Yet Tesla left us with a BETTER lead. He invented the Solar Array, and the Bladeless Wind Turbine. Companies today are working on releasing Wireless home power for the entire home from a Transmitter, and with the adoption of Hydrogen Storage, YOU and I can become 100% totally independent of these scoundrels that stopped our friend Nikola Tesla, and make “Individual Free Energy and Independence” a reality.

— with Franklin Davis.