Brief statement about me…

I am an advocate.  I never intended to be an advocate; never saw it coming.  It began when became a parent of a person with autism and tourettes . As a result I was thrust into a world I knew nothing about and was determined to learn as much as was available to me, in order to be as much assistance to my son as possible.

As soon as my child was registered for school, I was contacted by the special ed department of the school district and was offered training to become an advocate.  I was certified as a ‘surrogate parent’ advocate through Los Angeles Unified School District in 1992 and have been advocating ever since.  This original position as advocate was for special needs children in situations where birth parents were unavailable and an advocate was needed to represent the children in school meeting proceedings.  I soon began advocating for in types of situations for not only children but adults as well.

In 1993 I filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court.   Trope and Trope was my original attorney firm.  During the time Trope and Trope represented me, my case went to the California Supreme Court twice and both results were in my favor, one of those resulting in case law which I now have in my name.

I am also a paralegal, executive legal secretary and currently an arbitrator.  I am NOT BAR certified.  I am most comfortable with Common Law and advocate for it as well as it seems to be in the process of being hidden and an attempt to make it obsolete to The People.  This of course is NOT in the Best Interest of The People.

My goal is to see this Republic for the united States of America return to it’s original state as a Republic.

God Bless America



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