7 Kids Snatched Because Dad ‘Possessed’ MMS

Thought for Food

‘F-Word’ of Another Order

Our Hearts go out to the family of Hal Stanley, of Garland County, Arkansas, whose home was raided by law enforcement officers executing a search warrant to find a product, Miracle Mineral Solution, or “MMS”.

Taking the home invasion a step further, upon finding what they were looking for, Child Protective Services (CPS) was authorized to remove his seven children from the premises on the basis that the product was a “poison” that could endanger them.

Send the Stanley family love and see them reunited.

This isn’t a false flag… it’s just another flag indicating a line of thinking and behavior that is so far removed from reality, so arrogant, arbitrary and inhumane, that the perpetrators think their actions don’t even have to appear lawful.

Once they confiscated the MMS, thus removing the “threat,” why didn’t they leave the children?

This is reminiscent of the 9/11 false flag event when the BBC reported Building 7’s…

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